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All Roles Open

(Cast members must be 4th grade and up)

Tommy Albright (Lead): Baritone (F#) Tommy has an air of melancholy, a restlessness about him, his faith has been shaken by the war (WW II). He needs to believe in something desperately–there is a yearning in him; strong mover.

Fiona MacLaren (Lead):  Effortless soprano, A natural beauty, grounded, maternal, there is a peace about her that comes from her deep faith. She hasn’t lost hope that she will still find love, despite the rules that govern the miracle of Brigadoon. Strong mover.

Jeff Douglas (Lead): Good-looking, but not necessarily conventional, brilliant comedian with a dry sense of humor, acerbic, cynical, an alcoholic. Non-singing role.

Charlie Dalrymple (Lead): Lyric tenor, must be able to float a high B. “Favorite son” of Brigadoon, the most charismatic man in the room–the whole town loves him. Handsome, good mover, should have some partnering skills. The girls love him and he flirts, but he loves only Bonnie Jean. Can be a bari-tenor if he has the ability to float the top.

Harry Beaton (Lead): Dark, tortured boy, handsome in a different way than Charlie, intelligent, bitter, and angry. His unrequited love for Jean MacLaren makes Brigadoon a hell from which he cannot escape. Major dance role. Singing ability a plus.

Jean MacLaren (Lead): Fiona’s sister. Should look convincingly 18 years old, clearly too young to be capable of understanding the concept of a life-long commitment, accomplished dancer/dance storyteller, must be able to act well and sing passably. Sweet and full of hope.

Meg Brockie (Lead):Belt vocal. Quirky, sexy, smart comedienne, an unmarried girl without a dowry, uses her feminine wiles to snare a husband from the limited population of Brigadoon. High, bright mix/good mover. Has two big numbers in the show plus comedic highlights.

Mr. Lundie (Lead): Male, 50+ His passion for Brigadoon keeps him young, the Dominie (schoolmaster) of Brigadoon and de facto spiritual leader. Charming, somewhat mystical. Must have paternal warmth that instantly inspires trust. Singing ability a plus.

Andrew MacLaren (Featured): Male, 30+ Father to Fiona and Jean. Strong, wise, the ideal father, a decent ensemble singer/strong actor. Has the bluster and the weariness of a single father with two unmarried daughters.

Maggie Anderson (Featured) Female Non-speaking, Major Dance Role. Yearns for Harry Beaton. Solo mourning dance for Harry in Act 2.

Angus MacGuffie (Featured): Character role, any age, Sells eggs, milk and cream in MacConnachy Square with Meg. Baritone.

Archie Beaton (Featured): Male 30+ Harry’s father. A kind-looking Scot about 50, sells wool, plaids, etc.

Frank (Featured): Male, 20 plus. A New York City bartender. Down to earth, very New York. Can double in ensemble.

Jane Ashton (Featured) A New York city socialite. Chic, beautiful girl, well-dressed, tough. Tommy’s fiancee. Can double in ensemble.

Stuart Dalrymple (Featured):  Tenor. Character role, any age, Sells woolen clothes in MacConnachy Square. 

Sandy Dean (Featured): Bass voice, Character role, any age, sells candy in MacConnachy Square.

MacGregor (Featured): Male -Character role, any age, Sells salted meat in MacConnachy Square. 

Fishmonger (Featured): Female – Girl dancer in “Bonnie Jean Ballet” Non-speaking.

Sword Dancers 2- 4 men (non-speaking), Strong solo dancers, Act 1 finale Sword dance, also dance in ensemble.

Bagpipers 1-2 men (non-speaking, any age), accompany Maggie Anderson solo mourning dance in Act 2.

Clansmen, Townsfolk and Children of Brigadoon (Large ensemble needed!)