The Gulling of Malvolio

THE GULLING OF MALVOLIO was our gift to thank you for supporting CenterStage in Lake Forest for 46 years, and our hope that you will continue to support CenterStage in the future.


Since the death of her father, the intelligent, gracious, and lovely Countess Olivia of Illyria (Rachel Martindale) has ruled her household with the help of her haughty, priggish, officious, and ambitious Steward, Malvolio (Henry Odum), the head servant to her father and now to her. She has chosen to remain in mourning for her beloved father for seven years, in part to sidestep the courtship of her neighbor, Duke Orsino, whom she likes but does not wish to marry.

In addition to Malvolio, her household includes the following:

  1. her cavalier, fun-loving, and hard-drinking uncle, Sir Toby Belch (Edward Kuffert), who parties with Sir Andrew, Feste, Maria, and Fabian, and who, in his own raucous way, loves Maria; 
  2. the weak-willed, wealthy, foolish, puppy-dog of a knight, Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Jeremy Schaye), whom Sir Toby has brought into the house supposedly to woo Olivia, but really to finance Sir Toby’s escapades; 
  3. her witty, mischievous, and clever waiting-gentlewoman, Maria (Hannah Williams), who is in love with Sir Toby and spends much of her time getting him and his cronies out of scrapes; 
  4. the rational, reliable, and fun-loving Fabian (Nick Bonges), who is an upper servant in Olivia’s household. He joins Sir Toby’s pranks, but is more down-to-earth and responsible, thus earning Olivia’s respect, despite the fact that Malvolio once got him in trouble with Olivia for attending and betting on a bear-baiting exhibition in town; 
  5. the talented singer and intelligent, insightful, and witty “Allowed Fool” Feste (Sahara Glasener-Boles) was recently the Jester to Olivia’s father. As such, he holds a special place in Olivia’s heart. Though some of his antics irritate Olivia—e.g. moonlighting at Duke Orsino’s house when the mourning Olivia does not wish for Feste’s entertainment–she respects his advice and almost looks upon him as another uncle. 
  6. and Viola (Alexandra Cross), the bright, brave, beautiful young girl who is shipwrecked on Illyria, and is helped by the Sea Captain (Nick Bonges) who was commanding the ship that ran-aground. The Sea Captain tells her of Olivia’s ban on receiving visitors while she is in mourning, obtains male garb for her disguise, and recommends her to Duke Orsino for a job as a page until he can repair his ship and take her home.