About CenterStage

Our Mission

The mission of CenterStage is to produce theatrical events with people of all ages from Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Knollwood, and surrounding communities. We attract, train, and retain talent in all aspects of the theater arts, while emphasizing a fun, rewarding experience.

CenterStage in Lake Forest provides not only a source of live entertainment to its audiences but, more importantly, a wealth of educational opportunity in theater arts for all members of the community. Its mostly volunteer casts and crews represent a kaleidoscope of young and old, dedicated amateurs and aspiring professionals, seasoned veterans and rookies. Through the years, our productions have served as a foundation for many a career in theater and the related arts. Many more have discovered their lifelong love of theater, literature, music, art, design, and other creative pursuits while working on our shows.

CenterStage generally produces three plays each year, all performed at Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Current Board of Directors

Co-Presidents: Carol Goldthwaite & Kim Minichiello

Treasurer: James Johnstone

Recording Secretary: Frank Brady

Jo Ann Avellone
Mary Jane Brady
Shelly Holmstrom
Cindy Law
Sue Thomas

Funding Sources

CenterStage carries out its mission with three important sources of revenue: donations, ticket sales, and program ads. Because so many organizations solicit the local business community for paid advertising, program ads represent a limited source of revenue. Although ticket sales are the largest single source of revenue, in order to keep ticket prices within reach of the widest range of people we offer group discounts and discounts for students who benefit most from the educational experience of theater, it is essential to receive donations to defray substantial portions of operating and production expenses each season.

Tax-Deductible Donations

CenterStage in Lake Forest is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation. It is qualified as a publicly supported community theater organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts made to CenterStage are tax-deductible charitable contributions. It is qualified to receive matching funds from companies that offer them for the benefit of employees. All monetary gifts will be acknowledged in the program distributed at each performance. Single gifts of $300 or more will be acknowledged in writing as required by IRS rules.

Our Bylaws

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