Want your business advertised in the CenterStage in Lake Forest program? We’ve made it easier than ever before. To place an ad, you may either

  • CLICK HERE to Downland, save, and print the ad form, filling it out by hand, and mailing it to us with your check, or
  • CLICK HERE to Download, save, and fill out the .pdf ad form digitally, using your system’s installed Adobe Acrobat Reader and e-mail it as an attachment directly to Pat Nissen,
  • Simply pay by credit card using the PayPal button below. The same button appears on the bottom of the form.
  • Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem! Pay through our special PayPal page with your credit card.
  • Don’t have Adobe Reader? You’ll need it to fill out the form digitally – and the good news is – it’s free! Click here to download the Adobe Reader.
  • Please note – Adobe Reader is software downloaded from the Adobe website. If you are not comfortable with this, then please print and mail the form.

To pay with PayPal, just click on the button

Questions about your ad? Contact Pat Nissen, phone 847-582-1222, fax 847-582-1229.
E-mail Pat at

Questions about how to fill out the form online? Contact Bob Sanders, phone 917-239-1920, or email us at

A sample of the form is on the next page.