Past Shows

22 Jul-93 The Music Man Doug Schuetz
22 April 1993 (Members’ Night) Mother Figure/The Agreement Lois Goss and Bob Banks
22 Mar-93 The Heidi Chronicles Debra Criche Mell
22 Nov-92 Hay Fever Wayne Mell
21 Aug-92 The Butler Did It Young Actor Corps
21 Jul-92 Godspell Mark Dryfoos
21 Feb-92 Vital Signs Debra Criche Mell
21 Nov-91 The Shadow Box Jay Criche
20 Jul-91 Into the Woods Wayne Mell
20 May-91 Give Us A Peace of Your Mind: An Evening of Improvisation Christine Jefferys
20 February 1991 (Members’ Night) Murder Mystery Party Don Tiffany
20 Nov-90 The Nerd Kathryn Joosten
19 Jul-90 Once Upon a Mattress Bob Banks
19 May-90 You Can’t See Lake Forest for the Trees: An Evening of Improvisation James Grace
19 February 1990 (Members’ Night) Showstoppers Bob Banks
19 January 1990 (Seniors’ Theater) Three Women/Three on a Panel Imogene Grace
19 Nov-89 Deathtrap Greg Harman
18 Jul-89 Grease Wayne Mell
18 May 1989 (Seniors’ Theater) If Men Played Cards As Women Do / Mothers’ Day Imogene Grace and Helen Cory
18 April 1989 (Seniors’ Theater) Second Chance / Bench in the Park Imogene Grace and Helen Cory
18 March 1989 (Children’s Theater) Mime & Movement Stacey Guastaferro
18 Mar-89 The Fourposter Jay Criche
18 December 1988 (Children’s Theater) The Starcleaner / Reunion / If You’re Afraid of the Dark / Find the Night Rainbow Melinda Strom
18 Nov-88 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Wayne Mell