Past Shows

17 Jul-88 Carnival Mark Dryfoos
17 March 1988 (Seniors’ Theater) Arsenic and Old Lace Kathryn Joosten
17 Mar-88 Side By Side By Sondheim Sheila Saperstein
17 Nov-87 The Dining Room Wayne Mell
16 May 1987 (Children’s Theater) Sing Ho for a Prince / The Golden Goose / The Peddler & the Monkey Jo Ann Avellone and Christy Stevens
16 Feb-87 Salute to Musical Comedy II Sam Nelson and Joan Reynolds
16 December 1986 (Children’s Theater) Musical Melodies / Folk Heritage Jo Ann Avellone and Christy Stevens
16 Oct-86 The Man Who Came to Dinner Wayne Mell
15 Jul-86 Man of LaMancha Mark Dryfoos
15 May 1986 (Children’s Theater) Aesop’s Fables Mark Dryfoos and June Entwisle Miller
15 May 1986 (Members’ Night) The Proposal / They’re Playing Our Song Jay Criche
15 Feb-86 Something’s Afoot Jan O’Connor
15 December 1985 (Children’s Theater) A Christmas Carol Richard Dominick
15 Oct-85 Talking With … Debra Criche
14 Jul-85 Cabaret Doug Schuetz
14 May 1985 (Members’ Night) Vaudeville Night Lois Goss
14 Mar-85 Salute to Musical Comedy I Sam Nelson and Joan Reynolds
14 Nov-84 The Subject Was Roses Ina Marlowe
13 Jul-84 Sweet Charity Bob Banks
13 May 1984 (Children’s Theater) The Merry Tragedians / Professor J.J. and the Anti-Gravity Machine Mark Larson and June Entwisle
13 May 1984 (Members’ Night) Hold Me Jay Criche
13 March 1984 (Hadley School Benefit) Man of Rainbows Debra Criche
13 Mar-84 Dance Celebrations Sandy Goetz Ragsdale
13 Feb-84 Tartuffe Sam Nelson
13 December 1983 (Children’s Theater) The Audition / Hollywood Inn / The Stone in the Road Mark Larson and June Entwisle
13 Oct-83 The Good Doctor Jan O’Connor